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Decision Technology Consulting

Market Data Analysis

Applied Analytic Systems can help your organization with a variety of decision technology services including probabilistic modeling, statistical analysis, mathematical modeling, (e.g. linear programming formulation), linear and nonlinear optimization, neural network modeling, knowledge engineering and rule based systems design, genetic algorithm solutions, and other heuristic alternatives to traditional mathematical optimization problems.

Custom Software Development

A large amount of our business involves creating custom applications, components and dynamic link libraries to medical establishments, financial services organizations, and government agencies. Many of our products were originally desinged to enable developers to integrate graphical user interfaces (e.g., Windows 95, XP, 7) with special purpose development tools to produce their own decision support systems.

We assist companies and institutions in developing applications to support research and development. Our medical software development services have been used by companies and institutions to develop applications for sleep disorder analysis, prostate cancer detection, and computer-assisted diagnosis of inherited metabolic diseases. Our software libraries are used by financial services corporations for loan analysis, bond tracking, and real estate (value) assessment.

Is your organization included in the following list...

  • City of Austin, TX
  • Data Analysis Tools BV., Netherlands
  • Hospital for Sick Children, Ontario, Canada
  • London Clearing House, UK
  • Markenrich Corporation, CA
  • Riverside County Economic Development Authority, CA
  • ServiceWare, Incorporated, PA
  • Sunrise Medical, Incorporated, PA
  • University of Chicago
  • University of Hull, UK
  • University of Nebraska
  • University of South Africa
  • University of Texas at Austin
  • US Department of Veterans Affairs
  • US National Institutes of Health

If so, thank you! These are just a few of the many organizations we are pleased to have provided with our products, consulting, software development, or training services.

Operating in Western Pennsylvania

Applied Analytic Systems is located in the Carnegie Office Park on the Parkway West (I-279) between Pittsburgh, PA and Steubenville Ohio. 

  Applied Analytic Systems
  600 North Bell Ave, Bldg II
  Carnegie, PA 15106


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